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NexusWiki entry. A quick and dirty guide to Gabriel. All knowledge here is OOC unless your pup learns it IC. (meaning - your pup CANNOT read this, but YOU can--and, by all means, do.)

Contact the mun.

Leave an IC message.

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This journal is for RP purposes only. Gabriel Grey is an original character, and has nothing to do with that Heroes bloke by (almost) the same name (per Wiki, Heroes premiered on 9/25/06--this pup was created on 12/5/2005.) Any resemblance to a certain person is either coincidental or the subconscious manifestation of the mun's fangirl-encrusted mind.

Photos of Peter Gabriel are screenshots from Still Growing Up: Live and Unwrapped and Growing Up: A Family Portrait. All other photos have been found on the internet through google searches, or from and I do not own these images; they are used for roleplaying purposes only.

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